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Assisting Landlords With Evictions

At Martin, Leyhe, Stuckmeyer & Associates LLC, we represent only landlords in all matters relating to renting a commercial or residential property, including evictions. Whether we are drafting leases, arranging the eviction or filing lawsuits, landlords can rely on us to protect their interests.

If you are a landlord seeking an experienced lawyer who will file your eviction within two business days, call us at 636-487-4097 to schedule a consultation.

You can also read our guide on evictions.

Our Services For Landlords

We have 30 years of experience representing landlords in all matters related to evictions. Our firm represents only landlords, not tenants.

We advise landlords on their rights and how to handle the eviction to avoid potential lawsuits.

If a dispute does arise, we can file eviction lawsuits against the tenant and represent you if the tenant files a lawsuit against you. Our objective is to find solutions through negotiation, but we will proceed to litigation if negotiations do not produce a favorable result.

Additionally, we represent landlords in other related real estate matters, such as preparing leases, and represent their interests in landlord/tenant disputes.

Our Approach

We represent clients with a dedication and responsiveness to their specific needs and goals. We sit down with them to listen to their point of view and develop a plan of action tailored to their situation. We keep clients informed throughout the process so that they can make informed decisions about their next steps.

We understand that a lengthy legal battle costs our client’s time and money, both in legal fees and lost rent payments for the months the lease is disputed. We aim to minimize the financial burden by resolving the legal issue as quickly as possible. Additionally, we offer payment plans to help offset the cost of hiring an attorney.

Contact Us

We urge you to contact our Missouri law office when you need a lawyer to handle your landlord/tenant legal issue. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can help protect your best interests.