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Reviewing other grounds for eviction

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Landlord-tenant Law

As a landlord, you might have any number of problems with your tenant, some of which have been addressed on this blog (failing to pay rent on time, etc.). However, there are far more reasons why eviction may be on your mind or even important. If your tenant is not respecting the rental agreement and you are worried about your property or the financial impact of continuing to rent to this person, it is vital to know your rights. In Saint Charles, and all across Missouri, many landlords have found themselves in this tricky position.

Eviction may be necessary because your tenant is carrying out unlawful drug activity on the premises, whether they are manufacturing or selling illicit substances. Perhaps you have noticed that people regularly visit the property to buy drugs or are aware of illegal behavior for some other reason (social media posts, etc.). Or, perhaps your property has been significantly damaged by the tenant or the lease has expired and you do not want to rent the property any longer. Moreover, you might have problems with a tenant’s vicious dog that is not being cared for properly and are worried that it will attack someone.

Regardless of the reason why you wish to have your tenant evicted, it is crucial for you to review the laws and make sure that your property and interests are protected. Our page on landlords and tenants has additional information which deals with evicting a tenant and other aspects of this topic.