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Protecting And Asserting Your Rights In Litigation

For many people, being involved in a trial can be an intimidating experience. The judicial process and rules may be unfamiliar, and the financial stakes to you or your business can be significant. At Martin, Leyhe, Stuckmeyer & Associates LLC, we are sensitive to your concerns and work diligently to alleviate your anxiety about the trial process.

Our firm fully advises you of all proceedings and informs you of the issues relevant to your case. We strive to resolve your legal disputes as quickly as possible and in the most cost-effective manner.

A Broad Range Of Civil Litigation Services

We have the knowledge and experience to litigate a broad range of cases in order to protect your interests. We provide aggressive, quality representation in a large number of civil litigation matters, including:

  • Temporary restraining orders (TRO) — A court order issued immediately to avoid irreversible damage. It’s used to enforce noncompetition clauses or nondisclosure agreements, such as where a former employee tries to use confidential information for the benefit of the company’s competitors.
  • Preliminary injunctions — Similar to TRO, an injunction is a court order which directs a party to do, or stop doing, a specific action in order to temporarily maintain the status quo. Only after a full hearing can a preliminary injunction become permanent.
  • Declaratory judgment cases — Where a party seeks to assert his or her rights and requests a declaration of those rights from a court. Declaratory judgments are often sought where private parties dispute ownership of a piece of land.
  • Investigations conducted by governmental agencies — Inquiries initiated by the city or state before they decide whether to suspend or revoke someone’s license.
  • Administrative hearings — Hearings in front of governmental agencies regarding zoning, liquor licenses, gun licenses, taxi licenses or professional licenses such as for nursing. We’ll fight vigorously to keep the government from taking away your license or privileges.
  • Real estate disputes — Issues such as challenges to title, adverse possession and zoning.

Get The Legal Help You Need

If you need a committed, experienced Missouri trial lawyer to fight for your rights, call our office at 636-487-4097 or complete the online form. From our office in St. Charles, we serve clients throughout the St. Louis area.