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Wills And Trusts As Part Of Your Estate Plan

Many people believe that estate planning is only for middle-aged adults with substantial assets. However, everyone can benefit from basic estate planning documents. In fact, estate planning tools such as basic wills, medical directives and power of attorney forms are essential for anyone who wants to express their wishes regarding medical care, distributing assets to loved ones, choosing a guardian for children and any other concerns they may have should they become incapacitated.

At Martin, Leyhe, Stuckmeyer & Associates LLC, we represent people of all ages and financial backgrounds who want to start their estate planning portfolio. Our firm fully advises clients on their options based on their needs and goals, and then helps them create a plan upon which they can build.

A Broad Range Of Estate Planning Services

We provide a broad range of estate planning tools to meet your needs. When first creating an estate plan, the most common tools our clients will benefit from include:

  • Wills — A will is a basic estate planning tool that expresses a person’s wishes regarding beneficiaries for his or her estate. It can also be used to designate a guardian for children.
  • Advance medical directives — An advance medical directive, or living will, is a document that specifies end-of-life instructions. It directs a person’s family and doctors to provide or not to provide life-saving techniques, and for how long. We also provide a directive tailored to the teachings of the Catholic church.
  • Power of attorney — We can help clients with a power of attorney, which designates a person to make financial and legal decisions on a person’s behalf should he or she become incapacitated.

Our clients with more established lives and assets may benefit from creating a revocable living trust, or setting up a trust that allows them to leave money to charities or to a disabled family member. We have the versatility and knowledge to handle all of your estate planning matters.

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