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Empowering A Trusted Person To Act On Your Behalf

Without exception, in any eventuality in your life where you are incapacitated, a power of attorney will ensure your affairs are handled until you are once again able to conduct them yourself.

Martin, Leyhe, Stuckmeyer & Associates LLC has more than 30 years of experience drafting powers of attorney. Call 636-487-4097 to arrange a confidential consultation about your circumstances. Located in St. Charles, we serve clients throughout the St. Louis area.

Why You Need A Power Of Attorney

Many individuals are unaware that in the absence of a valid power of attorney, financial, business and medical decisions cannot be effectuated with any certainty. Although your spouse or children may make such decisions when you are unable, a power of attorney ensures your wishes are respected, and grants access to all information and accounts necessary to do so.

A power of attorney allows your designated agent access to any information, accounts, assets, business agreements, etc., in order to act on your behalf. The agent would pay your bills and consult with your creditors as necessary. In short, while you are incapacitated, your agent will have all powers that you have when you are healthy.

In addition to a general power of attorney, we draft draft medical powers of attorney that allow your agent to make decisions regarding your medical treatment and care. We can provide a medical power of attorney tailored to the Catholic faith.

Take Action

No one plans on becoming incapacitated, but when it happens it’s a serious issue. As a consequence, therefore, a power of attorney is essential to you and your family’s well-being. For a consultation on the benefits of a power of attorney, call our office or complete the online form to reach an experienced St. Louis area lawyer.