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Why are there homeowners’ associations?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2018 | Blog

If you google homeowner’s association, you will find controversy. It is a complicated set of tasks that they perform. But a properly run HOA is essential to balancing the interests of developers, residents, and the municipalities they are located in.

The challenges of the HOA are to protect, maintain and enhance the subdevelopment, for the common good of everyone. A primary asset of a successful HOA is knowledgeable, assertive legal counsel.

Your partner in protecting your rights

Your HOA counsel helps you to comply with Missouri HOA laws, to enforce bylaws that have been violated, defend itself against an array of civil suits, and to ensure that dues are collected in a timely fashion.

At Stephen A. Martin Attorney at Law, we work with different entities, including condominium, homeowner and property owner associations, as well as with planned unit developments, common interest developments and community associations to make the law work to their advantage.

Many cases involve conflicts between the rules laid down in the HOA’s documents. HOAs enforce these rules for a variety of reasons, from safety to aesthetics. Conflicts bubble over into lawsuits, involving dogs, flags, recycling and other environmental issues, banners, parking, noise, parties, smells, smoking, fights, assaults, short-term rentals, services and other issues.

We also step in when dues are not paid or are increased from year to year, and homeowners need encouragement to get in step. Many times money is withheld because of disputes over past-due assessments, late charges, fines for violations and interest charged.

When payment problems are bad, we are equipped to assist in placing liens on the other party’s property.

We are there to provide clarity and effectiveness in resolving all these issues.