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The benefits of hoa association memberships

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Homeowner Association Law

In neighborhoods across the nation, homeowner associations allow for appropriate and organized management, protection over the value of properties and support when local issues arise. Some Missouri homeowners, however, are at odds with these associations and claim they are in violation of rights. While there exist many conflicting views on HOA programs, the pros of having such a membership can make the cons pale in comparison.

Many homeowners are wary about HOA memberships because of one simple reason: money. Realty Times points out that, despite the varying amounts of homeowner association fees, an HOA can provide protection in more ways than one might assume. First and foremost, an HOA oversees the general maintenance of condos, including lawn care and trash removal. As for neighborhood homes, an HOA usually covers recreational spaces, pools and gyms. These amenities themselves are usually of no cost to the homeowner; instead, an HOA may cover gates and security, clubhouses and other common areas. Security is another must-have for any homeowner, and an HOA also protects property value.

As for disputes surrounding HOA memberships, NerdWallet urges everyone involved to always read the fine print. HOA guidelines can vary depending on the type of home, including townhomes, condos and single-family properties. Some HOA associations issue “special assessments,” which could lead to more expenses for the homeowners. However, these expenses can range from addressing an neighbor’s unsightly tool shed to repairing damages at the community pool. It is generally wise to review special regulations on pets and rental agreements, as well. Regardless of the monthly amount, HOA associations can provide utmost protection to homeowners and prove beneficial when looking at the bigger picture.