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The benefits of homeowners’ associations

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Homeowner Association Law

There has long been a debate over homeowner associations and their benefits. Many Missouri homeowners express frustration over mandatory memberships; others laud these organizations for their protection and regulations. Whether it involves efforts to keep a community pool maintained or to ensure safety in the neighborhood, homeowners’ associations can provide numerous benefits that can make life easier.

One example of the many benefits these associations can offer is that of neighborhood watches. The National Neighborhood Watch shares information on homeowners’ associations and their efforts to keep neighborhoods safe, noting their increasing popularity across the nation. The National Neighborhood Watch urges homeowners to review their memberships closely when moving to a new neighborhood; some communities can have conflicting views on homeowners’ associations. One advantage of having collective support from a neighborhood watch and an HOA membership is that it is tax-exempt: HOAs may buy supplies or signs to promote safety in neighborhoods. Uniting NW and HOA can also bring a community together. For instance, if parents in the neighborhood are concerned about speeding, the HOA may have more power when combined with NW to build speed bumps. Regardless of the task, HOA memberships can carry out projects quickly and effectively.

Some homeowners do not see the benefits of HOA memberships, but Obrella clarifies that such organizations involve more than monthly fees. Whether it is a voluntary, mandatory or condominium HOA, members can have peace of mind that their communities will receive proper maintenance and security. HOAs can also help keep property value stable and provide community pools, landscaping and gyms. Many homeowners express opposing views on the benefits of HOA memberships, and each homeowner may need to reflect on his or her own lifestyle to decide if this organization is the right move.