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The benefits of an HOA

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Landlord-tenant Law

Although Homeowners Association guidelines may seem overwhelming up front, their end goal is to protect and preserve communities for years to come. Many Missouri homeowners express confusion over the details of an HOA membership altogether. While the fees and fine print may vary, the pros of living in a neighborhood with an HOA can outweigh the cons. 

According to Realty Times, that monthly payment is more than a mundane addition to the expenses list. In fact, the benefits of an HOA can include the general maintenance of a neighborhood: aspects such as lawncare, pool maintenance and gym cleaning are types of upkeep covered in most plans. Hazard and liabilitiy insurance are other common perks of an HOA, as Realty Times explains that many condo owners, for example, have this advantage when it comes to the unexpected. Back to the topic of maintenance, having amenities such as pools and gyms can be lifesavers in themselves; with clean and tidy areas to exercise and relax, an HOA can make life easier.

Forbes notes that, although it is important to always request a list of HOA services upon moving to a new community, most HOAs come with a number of other benefits. Lawnscaping is an additional highlight of having an HOA in the picture, especially for families with busy schedules. Being able to focus on time spent together over yard work is a luxury for most. However, looking at the costs may help homeowners determine whether an HOA is the right fit. One factor to consider is the involvement of the HOA — are they strict or lax about community rules? There are a number of other questions to think about when reaching the stage of homeownership and HOA memberships, but looking at the details can make the process a smoother one.