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Duties and difficulties that HOAs face

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Homeowner Association Law

In Missouri, HOAs – homeowner’s associations – are put into place in neighborhoods of all types for various reasons. Not only do they have numerous duties to fulfill, but they also have certain struggles and potential issues that they will be tasked with combating should the need arise.

FindLaw has a list of the basics of homeowners’ associations, which includes covering the tasks that HOAs are meant to take care of. Essentially, it is the job of any HOA to ensure that the neighborhood they’re in charge of is kept safe, peaceful, taken care of, and maintained so the property value does not drop. This can include anything from regulating the color and upkeep of houses to disallowing homeowners from making drastic, unwanted additions to their house. HOAs can even monitor what a person puts in their backyard, including toolsheds, fountains, or other things that may be considered an eyesore.

Of course, HOAs also have difficulties that they may face in trying to fulfill these duties, as shown by Disputes can easily arise between an HOA and the residents they are meant to serve. Some issues that an HOA may face could even require legal counseling, as they may involve matters like:

  • Boundary disputes over common ground
  • Lawsuits filed against the HOA by residents
  • Personal injury suits
  • A desire to change the HOA’s bylaws

HOAs will also need to enforce any violation of the existing bylaws and deal with nonpayment of association dues. Because of the legal nature of these issues, it might be worth looking into the aid of an attorney.