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Altercation between landlord and tenant ends in shooting

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Landlord-tenant Law

Landlord-tenant relationships in Saint Charles may often begin with the potential of blossoming into a well-functioning friendship free of discord and animosity. Yet as is often the case in any business relationship, specific details regarding the obligations of each party might place strain on any personal ties that the two parties share. In such cases, rather than remaining cordial, a landlord and a tenant may become downright hostile towards each other, resulting in actions that could potentially endanger the well-being of both.

This fact was on full display in a recent altercation that took place between a landlord and one of his tenants in North Carolina. The dispute supposedly centered on unpaid rent as well as the overall state of the trailer (and it utilities) that the tenant was renting from the landlord. It was reported that the landlord had visited the trailer to ensure that tenant had moved out, yet found that the man was still there. A fight ensued, during which the tenant pulled a out a gun and shot the landlord twice. Fortunately, the landlord was able to escape and eventually seek medical treatment for his wounds. The tenant fled, yet was later arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

No one wants to see encounters between landlords and tenants end this way. Knowing what rights both parties to a dispute may be entitled to under landlord-tenant law may make it easier to resolve issues without conflict. Both sides may end up feeling more comfortable in the knowledge that their best interests can both be represented if and when they follow the guidelines set up by the state when dealing with tenancy matters. Those needing assistance in understanding such guidelines may find it in the form of an experienced attorney.