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What should I put in a lease?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Landlord-tenant Law

If you have a rental property in Missouri, one of the main documents you must create is a lease. The lease protects you and your tenants. It ensures everyone understands the terms of the rental agreement and can prevent serious problems in the future. Because this document is so important, you must ensure you include the right information when you write it.

According to the Missouri Attorney General, there are some pieces of information every rental lease should contain. Of course, you may also include information beyond these items, but these are the bare minimum to offer the maximum protection. You should always include your name and contact information along with the rental property address.

Include clauses that cover things like whether tenant can have pets and who is responsible for utilities. Also, outline maintenance procedures, including who to contact and contact information. Include anything that you feel is essential.

You also need to include a section discussing the financial details. This includes how much rent is, when it is due, any grace period and how to pay it. Address the security deposit. State how much it is and what conditions the tenant must meet to have it returned. Be sure to note any late fees and when they might apply.

Lastly, make sure to discuss the length of the agreement. Talk about how to end it early and what costs may be incurred if this is done. Also, state what happens at the end of the lease period, such as the lease becomes month to month or that the tenant must renew it. This information is for education and is not legal advice.