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Considerations for choosing a guardian of your child

On Behalf of | May 27, 2019 | Estate Planning

Most people in Missouri who have children dream of and expect that they will live to see their children grow up and that they will even get to experience the joys of becoming grandparents someday. While this is the most common scenario and the one most likely to the chances of probability, it is certainly not what always happens. Illnesses and accidents can and do happen, leaving children suddenly without their parents. In these situations, having a prenamed guardian ready to step in can go a long way toward providing the emotional support kids need.

As explained by Forbes, when identifying a guardian for a child, parents should start not with a list of potential candidates but with a list of the values and lifestyle characteristics they would like for their kids. This list should cover everything from religious upbringing to educational importance to preferences for an urban, suburban or rural type of life. It can be helpful to put this list in order of priority, as some sacrificed may need to be made.

Next, parents can identify potential guardians. For each person named, a variety of things should be evaluated starting with their mental, emotional and physical health. It is important to ascertain whether a person is truly able to step into the role of a parent or guardian based on these factors. 

When a decision has been made and legally formalized, parents should make sure that others in the family know the decision, according to Today’s Parent. This may help avoid unpleasant surprises at a very difficult time should the guardianship ever need to come to fruition.