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No perfect time to get estate planning done

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Estate Planning

Many people in Missouri like to plan for the future, to some degree. Few, however, consider or worry about going through the estate planning process. It has its purpose, and there is no perfect time to get it done. The sooner one does it, the better.

Some believe waiting until retirement is the best time to put together their estate plans. The problem with this, no one knows when death or incapacitation will strike. The simple truth of the matter is, not everyone will make it until their retirement years. Without an estate plan, their assets and their families may be left unprotected.

Adults of any age, family status and financial situation can benefit from having an estate plan. This plan does more than ensure a will or trust is in place for asset protection. It can also include the legal documents needed to name personal representatives, provide direction on desired medical care and, if one has minor children, name guardians to care for these precious family members — among other things.

The advantages of going through the estate planning process as soon as possible are many. Waiting to do this may only cause a person’s loved ones a lot of stress and heartache in the end. Missouri residents who want to ensure they, their families and their assets are adequately protected can turn to legal counsel for assistance in putting together estate plans that suit their current needs. One’s legal counsel can also provide help in adjusting these plans down the line as life changes occur.