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Common disputes that HOAs resolve

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Homeowner Association Law

The duties and responsibilities of a homeowners’ association (HOA) are numerous. For example, they must maintain the upkeep of common community areas. Safety is another aspect, ensuring proper lighting and security. Repairs and maintenance are essential, too.

And they must resolve disputes that surface. As the purveyor of community standards, covenants and restrictions, HOAs protect homeowners and makes sure that potential buyers are not scared away by the actions of a few residents who attempt to play by their own rules. When disputes arise, HOAs often simultaneously serve as referees and judges.

Architecture, pets, vehicles and noise

Here are some common disputes that HOAs often contend with:

  • Architectural changes and home maintenance matters : These issues center on homeowners who pursue projects without HOA approval or fail to maintain upkeep of their homes.
  • Renting your home: Many HOAs contend with homeowners who want to sublet their homes. But there are rules in place, notably rooted in security and insurance concerns.
  • Pet-related issues: Leash rules and picking up your pet’s scat are common complaints. There also might be bans on certain types of pets as well as the breed, size and number.
  • Vehicles, the types and limits: Properties only accept certain motor vehicles, and limitations may be in place related to boats and recreational vehicles.
  • Noise: During certain hours, loud noises are not tolerated. A community also must follow the noise ordinances designated by cities or counties.
  • Parking: Some homeowners and their guests may park in unauthorized areas, including a neighbor’s designated spot.

Whether a homeowner intentionally or mistakenly breaks rules, HOAs must do their best to resolve any disputes. Their methods to do so may include negotiation, mediation and arbitration.