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Estate plan revision after a work injury

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2018 | Estate Planning

Multiple things can go wrong in life that make it necessary to go over your estate plan and make other important changes. For example, a marriage may break down or someone may lose one of their family members in an auto accident. Many other issues can necessitate estate plan revision, such as a work-related injury. If you were hurt on the job, you may be wondering how you will recover from the accident at the time being. However, you should try to think about some of the other long-term challenges that may arise, such as those related to your estate plan.

It may be necessary to go over your estate plan due to a work injury for a number of reasons. First, your ability to continue working may be impacted by the injury, either temporarily or permanently. This may have a significant effect on your finances and may change the way in which you will wish to distribute your assets among your loved ones. Job injuries can also cause people to switch careers, which could also impact their income.

Aside from job-related injuries, other types of mishaps can also necessitate the revision of an estate plan due to financial hurdles or other significant life changes. Feel free to visit our law office’s webpage on trusts and wills if you have an interest in reading more about estate plan revision and similar topics. This is an extremely important area of law that should be approached carefully, even if you have not been hurt on the job.