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Will electronic wills replace estate planning?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Estate Planning

Heard of electronic wills? These are wills people make online on their own, and then have witnesses and/or a notary E-sign the digital documents. In other words, it is just another do-it-yourself will; it is just never printed. As more people in Missouri and elsewhere are looking for ways to save time and money, this form of estate planning seems ideal. Will E-wills eventually replace estate planning altogether?

Here’s the thing; E-wills do have their place. People with few assets and no complex issues that need addressing can probably get by with this type of will. Those individuals who have children, a decent amount of assets, businesses or other concerns may not benefit from going this route, though, as convenient as it may be.

It is not likely that E-wills will replace estate planning — at least not any time soon. There are still too many issues that may arise from using E-wills, and going this route will not help those individuals who are interested in trusts and other estate planning products. A solid estate plan, after all, typically includes more than a will.

Estate planning can be complicated. Wanting to simplify the process is certainly desirable. People just need to be careful about how they go about doing this, and the do-it-yourself route is not necessarily advised. Currently, electronic wills are not recognized in Missouri; so, anyone wanting to go through the estate planning process can turn to an experienced attorney for help creating plans that meet one’s needs.