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Potential heirs continue to battle over James Brown’s estate

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Estate Planning

Most estate planning experts in Saint Charles would likely agree that one should start their estate planning early on in their adult life. Yet estate planning such not be viewed as a singular event, but rather a process that plays out over several years. One is certain to experience several life changes that would necessitate them amending their will in order to accommodate their most current situation. A failure to do so may almost certainly guarantee there to be discord amongst one’s heirs when they are gone. 

One need look no further than the ongoing battle over the estate of the legendary singer James Brown to confirm this fact. Brown’s many potential heirs have been battling for years over several different issues related to both his fiscal estate and his catalog of songs. One of the issues currently being fought over is whether the man claiming to be Brown’s son from his fourth marriage is indeed his child. The man reportedly has taken multiple DNA tests that confirm his legitimacy. Brown’s children from his previous marriages, however, claim that the singer had a vasectomy in the early 1980’s, several years before this other supposed son was born. There is also an ongoing dispute over whether Brown’s surviving spouse is even his spouse at all. The woman was indeed married to another man at the time she married brown, yet questions over the validity of that marriage have been raised as well, as her other husband was also reported to be married to multiple women. 

No amount of estate planning can completely eliminate the potential of there being disputes among heirs. That certainly does not mean, however, that the pursuit is hopeless. Those needing assistance with it may want to secure the services of experienced estate attorney.